Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Already!!

Well time has flown by hasn't it and here we are in 2013 already!. Some where in amongst all the Physio, hydrotherapy, doctors appointments and just being busy looking after 5acres, pets and 17 yr old son on my own "spare time" got gobbled up LOL in the last 6-8 weeks. Actually I had created quite a few cards in November and December but as all were made in a rush I darn forgot to take any photos of anything. Silly me. I even managed to make 80 simple Christmas cards. No matter how limiting this darn left shoulder was I still couldn't bring myself to send bought cards.

So happy late Christmas and New Years and may 2013 bring you all love, laughter, creativity and joy. I spent a lovely 2 weeks in Adelaide over Christmas. Time went way too fast and I did so much. My lovely daughters and their partners gave Grant and I an overnight stay on Kangaroo Island as our Christmas present. Such a beautiful and inspiring place. Just having Christmas with all my little family was amazing enough but to get to go to Kangaroo Island as well...well I am blessed. On boxing day we all went to seethe  Cirque Du Soleil show "Ovo". That too was bloomin amazing and I would encourage anyone to go if they can. All too soon the heart wrenching time came for Tim and I to come home again without Grant *sigh*. I'm putting this out to the Universe "please get Grant Husband home to the NT soon"...hope that works. I'm still sorting photos from the trip but when I can I'll upload some here.

Sadly I have come home to my dear elderly fluff ball Milo's deterioration.

  He is still happy but had started peeing inside. He had always been an inside dog and went to the door when he needed to go outside to do his business but now he doesn't go to the door and  just does huge wees in the hall. Dilemma and then some. I'm pretty sure he has big sight, hearing and teeth issues(he usually has one tooth and his tongue hanging out from the side of his mouth) but he doesn't appear to be in any pain or discomfort and is still eating well. So he now lives mainly on the veranda...poor boy...he comes to the door wagging his tail and puts a paw on the screen to ask to be let back in a zillion time....and sadly the door stays closed. I'm thinking a last vet visit is in the near future but not without Grant being here!! It's sssoo hard to let your old pets go!!

On a good note while I was away the pain improved greatly from my last shoulder operation. So much so I have started to grab time in the art room again. I spent several hours yesterday making arty farty backgrounds for future cards. It was amazing to be able to create relatively pain free at last!

On Tuesday I have another day off and I will dedicate some of the day to trying to get some more puffy steampunk hearts made at last. I did try on and off in last few months but it was still too painful at those times to put too much pressure thru my arm. I'm hoping that too has now past....I've missed my jewellery making :o)

Before I go I wanted to show you all a little frog that came visiting on my washing machine last night. He is a Litoria Rothi or northern laughing frog,

It makes me happy to hear and see frogs for whatever reason. Its also pretty awesome that I can now take decent photos with my decent camera Grant gave me for my birthday in November. Grant also gave me a flash for the camera at Christmas so I should be able to take decent art/jewellery shots from now on too :o)
Annette In Oz


Samantha Marshall said...

Hi Annette,
It's great that your girls gave you such a lovely gift for Chrissie. Loving the backgrounds you created.So sorry about Milo's declining health.
Hopefully you'll see Grant soon.

Laura said...

I'm sorry about your dog! It's so hard seeing them get older. I just found your jewelry and I was wondering if you have an online shop?


hi Laura
thanks...yep its hard when our fur babies get older!! Re my jewellery...anything I make I am open to selling...just ask as even stuff on the jewellery tab that I have "sold" on may actually be still available!!

Laura Spano said...

Gorgeous backgrounds! Love all the layers and textures.


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