Monday, February 18, 2013

Steampunk puffy heart necklace-"The Aviator" ...$4 a ride anyone?

Hi all
Recently I discovered another amazing steam punk jewellery maker out there and was totally floored when I went to her website and realized I had evolved with my puffy heart necklaces and arrived at a look that was similar to hers. My problem was that she had been doing this a lot longer then me and she is apparently well known in the steam punk world of creativity and rightly so. Also her designs are copyrighted, polished and down right gorgeous. This all caused me so much anguish as I have always tried to respect others creative licence and copyrights yet here I was making a design I loved and didn't know if I could make them anymore.
It was worrying me and making me so sad that I eventually contacted her via e-mail explaining I create similar puffy steam punk hers to hers, that I respected her as an artist, acknowledged her copyright and that I would try to make my puffy hearts different to hers from now on, now I knew of her. I sent her an image of my recent necklace that I have called The Aviator. To my relief she sent me an e-mail yesterday giving me her blessing to keep making my puffy steam punk hearts, to sell them if I want and said she loved my Aviator necklace!! What an amazing response and I feel so humble by her words. So its with great pleasure I can now show you my latest steam punk heart called "The Aviator"...$4 a ride anyone?

The cogs and propeller have small spacer beads between then so they can move even though they are soldered in place on the inner side of the heart. The man is an old tin type image and the gold toned washer has "Hope, Faith and Love" on it. I'm still in love with those tiny acrylic LED's so I had to add one here as well. My hands still shake but I am finding soldering is easier the more I do. The copper etched puffy heart I had an image of in a previous post is now currently getting adorned and I shall show you all soon.
I think having had a very stressful week with a beloved pet dying, some hard shifts at work, feeling gut wrenched about the other jewellery artist and elation of my dear hubby Grant coming home for good again at last made this one hell of emotional week indeed for me. Life certainly is full of ups and downs but in the end one always has to be honest and true to themselves and their art :o).
Annette In Oz xxx


Jen Crossley said...

Totally awesome Piece

Lucy said...

Fabulous Annette! Once again, I ask, ETSY shop????
Hugs Lucy

Rockin Robin said...

Love, love, love it Annette! UR so talented. Just gorgeous. <3

Michele said...

That's so good! Keep on making your gorgeous hearts :)

suziqu's thread works said...

Absolutely gorgeous Heart Annette. I just love this. You are just so clever! My current posted heart is totally lace and fabric. We always wish we could create differently at times.
Your card ideas are so cool too.
Sending hugs to you up there!
It is so humid here at present I feel I must be up where you are!

Lauren T said...

I'm so glad to hear your wrote to the other artist and she gave permission to continue with your puffy hearts! Good to hear Grant has come home too, though I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your pet.


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