Tuesday, February 19, 2013

3D Pull Tab Card How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

Tuesday is here way too fast. Today I thought I would share how I made the 3D Pull Tab card I made from last Tuesdays Tipnique


  • 1xA4sheet of card stock
  • Contrasting card stock of your choice
  • Pencil, ruler, craft knife, cutting mat, scissors and a rubber
  • Double sided tape
  • Eyelet setter, eyelet and fibers of choice
  • Image, stamps or rub ons of choice
                                HOW TOO

1)  Cut A4 card to measure 29.5cm long x15cm high. Keep cut off part to make the pull tab.  Place it in the landscape position. Mark with a pencil from left side on top and bottom edge, at 10cm, then at 20cm so you have two 10cm areas and the last one is 9.5cms.

2)  Score and fold to make a three fold card with the 9.5cm panel folded into the middle.

3)  Open up in portrait position(length wise) and turn it over so you are now working on the inside with the 9.5cm panel at the bottom. On inside middle panel measure and mark a dot 3cm up/down from the folds on the left and right side of the panel. Draw pencil lines across. (I'll use a metallic pen so you can see what I mean better.

4)  On the right side measure and mark a dot 2cm in on both drawn lines. Then do the same from the 2cm dots but make the next dot 3cm in. Repeat 3 cm dots 2 more times. Score vertical lines on marked areas.

5)  From left side cut along both horizontal marked lines up to the 2cm marked area on the lines

6)  Turn card to the front, bend and score the vertical lines so first line is a valley fold, then next two mountain folds and last one a valley fold. This will make a step like structure.

At the front it should look like this

7) From piece cut off from the A4 card at start measure and cut a 14x3.5cm strip. 

8)  On inside of the card place some double sided tape just prior to first valley fold at left .

9)  Remove tape backing. Adhere the strip you just made where the double sided tape is (the squiggled area in the picture) so it sticks out over the right  edge at other side.

10)  Use double sided tape and adhere a 14cmx8cm rectangle of contrasting card stock to the 9.5cm panel while still working on the inner card. Place it so its at the left and upper edge on the 9.5cm panel.

11)  Apply double sided tape to the 3cm horizontal area above and below the step and pull mechanism. Remove the backing from the tape. Fold bottom 9.5cm panel up and adhere it in place. 

12) Turn card to front again so pull tab at left. Pull the tab and stamp, use stickers or rub ons to apply a sentiment of your choice to the exposed area.

13)  Stamp or use image of choice and make a square panel to go on the raised up area when you pull the tab. Don't make it any larger then 9cm square.

14) Apply double sided tape to the raised area. Push this part flat down again. Remove backing from tape and adhere image so it sits evenly.

15) Pull tab at left. Punch hole on pull tab and set an eyelet in place. 

16) Add some fibers thru the eyelet hole. Further embellish card as desired. Add a card insert and you are done :o).

Sorry the post was a bit late today but I had sinus trouble in AM and just couldn't get motivated till after lunch. Hope someone finds this of help someplace. Tonight I shall go a etched copper puffy heart making woot woot.
Annette In Oz xxx

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lindacreates said...

Beautiful card. I have tagged it to make when I need a card.

Thank you so much Annette


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