Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bubble Print Backgrounds How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

It  is a lovely day here in the Northern Territory. It's overcast and I can hear distant thunder. We have had a very hot humid Wet season and we are all ready and wanting a huge rain. The temperature is much cooler at the moment as well.  Todays tipnique is another from the dinosaur days but its cheap and easy to do. It's also a fun one to do with kids around...or not LOL.

  • Container such as a bowl or plastic food dish
  • Water
  • Washing up liquid
  • Water based colour mediums such as Acrylic paints, food colours, die inks, powdered colours like Lumiarte Polished Pigments etc. Rich or heavily pigmented colours work best. If all you have is paint then that's ok too
  • Card stock-I used both mat and gloss in white but shades of different colour would be nice too
  • A drinking straw
  • Newspaper
                    How Too
1) Place newspaper over work area to protect it. Gather your items

2) Put paint in your dish. Dilute it with water so mixture is runny but has a good intense colour. This is not a precise technique and varying the paint to water ratio will give different end results and intensity of colour. I changed from a square dish to round as I found it easier to blow bubbles in.

3) Add some dish wash liquid. Again this is not precise in how much to add. By trial and error I liked more dish liquid then less as the bubbles sustained their shape longer so I could work with them.
Use the straw and blow bubbles into the mixture so they bubbled up above the dish edge. If you blow heavily you get large bubbles and smaller ones by blowing more gently.

4) Lay card stock on top and then lift it back up. Repeat till card is covered. The bubbles burst on contact and leave coloured rings. Put card stock on newspaper to dry. Use both hands to lay it on the bubbles. I had my camera in the other hand in the photo.

5) Experiment. I added layers of bubble print backgrounds going from light to darker bubbles. Try your different medium and just have fun with it all.

This first one is yellow and then orange bubble prints on mat card

Green blue on gloss card

Plain black on gloss and then mat card.

Orange on gloss and then black bubble print to edges only.

Purple then black on gloss card.

The last one was gloss card that I randomly added colour layers of bubble print to finishing with a metallic gold.

Now stamp, layer and embellish as you like. Here is a pull tab card I made with mine

Oh and a warning don't get distracted and suck the mixture up or put used end of straw in your mouth like I did last night...it had to be the black mix I did it with too...hence the fine splatters of black on the orange/yellow background bubble print as I splattered it about from my mouth!. Sorry for the gross details.
Annette In Oz

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Buntpapierfabrik said...

What a great idea and what beautiful papers!
I'll return to your blog:-)
Christine from Germany


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