Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Lattice Spine How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

Gosh Tuesday comes around fast LOL. So into my big book of paper craft tips and techniques my hand went and came out holding a how to make a lattice spine effect on the edge of your card. OOHHH I love this effect. Here is what I am talking about:

Both cards were coloured with twinkling H2O watercolours. The second one is done over a faux marbling back ground.

1) Fold your card stock in half. I use a A4 sized piece usually as I am hopeless at working out the dimensions of the finished card till its finished LOL. If you have card stock that is a different colour on the back to the front this looks awesome too. Use a bone folder and run it along the folded edge.

2) Place folded card so folded edge at left. Measure and mark a dot at top and at the bottom at 1cm and at 2cm from the folded edge. Mark a line with a pencil and ruler at each dot all the way down from top to bottom

3) On the lines and on the spine mark a dot with a pencil at every cm from top to bottom. Sorry this one is blurry but you get what I mean.

 4) Draw a line diagonally from the upper 1cm mark on the spine across and down to the 3cm mark on the second line. Then draw a line from the 2cm mark on the spine to the 3cm mark on the middle line. Score the little space between the 1cm and 2cm lines. Repeat this all the way down the folded card.

5) Use ruler and sharp craft knife to cut thru the folded card on the marked lines only. Do not cut scored lines. Once lines are cut turn it over and score the spaces between each cut line as you did on the front.

6) Rub out all the pencil marks. Open card and lay it flat so outer card is upright. To make the lattice neat I usually cut off the bottom most ^ across both score lines and put it aside. Starting at the bottom bend the ^ shape down. Place a dab of glue under the point and under the "legs" but only at base of the legs and press the ^ in place. Repeat all the way up and then glue in place the first ^ that you removed at the start in the space that is now at top. (See top two cards for reference)

7) Once all bits glued down refold card and use a bone folder to press all scored areas and spine firmly in place. Tada card with lattice spine is done. You can do the same effect under or at top of the card by drawing lines horizontally but not all the way to the edges. You can even make circle patterns like this. On this spin bg card I stuck the removed bottom part inside at top.

Annette In Oz

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