Friday, November 7, 2008

Collaborative book swap pages part two

Here are the remaining pages from the Arty-Oz "Woman" themed Collaborative book swap.
Sarah Faucett made the vintage looking "Lady Of The House" page at top and Niki Glover the blue and brown window lady at the bottom.The window opens to a picture of Niki's Nana aged 19yrs old

Micky Tandiono Choo made the Cuttlebug embossed metal window one at top and Rachel Greig the lovely brown and black butterfly lady at the bottom.Love that gorgeous brown lace at the side

Teresa Abajo made the vintage nurses "sisterhood" page at top and Nikki Blowers the red,gold and purple vintage bather by the sea page below it

Joanne Hughes did the 3D shoe page at top and Jane Norrish the green and pink toned butterfly lady page below it...ooohh yummy more tiny black German scrap trim on that one...I adore that stuff :o)
Lorri Lennox did the unique and a bit scary "Raven" page at top and Kathy Thompson the vintage nude in flowers page at bottom.The nude is elevated and flowers placed under and over her for a 3D look

Sue Gore made the inspiring artist Frida Khalo page at top and Sue Thiel the inchies page below it

Phillipa Barr made the tag and vellum lady page with lots of little sewn areas at the top and Kylie Mell the "beauty is not in the face" page below it

Debbie Larcombe made the glowing textured bg with reclining vintage lady page at the top and Kaeren Sutherland the textural "bathing beauties" page at the bottom

Every time I look in this book I see and feel more things I missed the other times.It is a true treasure and I shall take it to stamp camp next week with me to proudly show off to one and all.On a side note I dug out my old drawings today that I spoke of in my Simple Pleasure post recently.They have not fared too good and have lots of foxing(brown age spots) but I will take some photos and upload them soon.


Scrappy Cat said...

What a wonderful book this is - must have been a wonderful swap.

I've given you an award - you can see it on my blog.

kelsey said...

What a great book to own Annette! Having taken part in swaps with 25 plus pages, I know how long it takes to do this many and it's certainly a challenge. But when you get something back like this, it's all worth it!


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