Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Way It Was

Thru my basic on line drawing class that is almost wrapped up now, I have started to draw again.It will take a long time to be able to draw as I used too but that small child who drew for pleasure in my Simple Pleasure post is still with me some place.Hopefully I will draw well again one day and with my new skills I hope I will draw the right way this time.I dug out my old sketches from well over 20yrs ago and for the first time ever I am showing them to others.They were done in pen,ink or charcoal by me with limited knowledge of the correct way to draw or the correct implements to use.As such I used cheap sketch books and inks that have not stood up well to time and bad storage probably too...hence there is allot of marks on them and the ink drawings are faded.
Now folks be kind here I had no formal art training when I did these.The technical aspects will be wrong and things like perspective etc will not be right either.All are larger then A4 in size...close to A3 I think and if I remember correctly all are done form newspaper clips,magazine images or real photos.I can't believe I am sharing these but here goes.The man below is a pencil sketch from a magazine image and some blue acrylic paint wash added around it.

Mother and Child is another pencil sketch from a magazine the Mum and child's feet wrong here for sure LOL

Three Wise Guys was a pencil and ink drawing from a newspaper that ink has faded over time

This next one is my nephew Chris and was a pencil sketch done from a photo my sister sent me.He is 25 now and is the man in the music video who looses his lover to the lead singer for Something With Numbers song "Stay With Me Bright Eye's".The Video clip is here on my blog .I think he was a cute child

Wind swept Child was a pencil sketch from a newspaper I think....the nose is wrong and I remember trying to fix it for many hours and then just gave up LOL

The floral trio was done in charcoal...I had no idea how to preserve a charcoal drawing back then and sprayed it with hair spray!!

Baby below was another pencil drawing....sorry if it offends anyone.I went thru a stage of drawing babies..curled up sleeping,feeding and bathing etc

So there you go...a glimpse of me the shy young woman from 20 yrs ago who grew up from that small child who loved to draw all those many many years ago *Grin*


Scrappy Cat said...

I absolutely love your drawings! You are much too hard on yourself. And in most cases, if you didn't point out your "mistakes" I wouldn't notice them. My very very favorite is the first one - looks like a young Paul Newman.

drmarty62 said...

Annette, no need to cringe. These are amazing especially for a person who had never had a lesson. I think you should trust your instincts a little more

Brenda said...

I love your old drawings. You had a lot of talent back then and you still do. It won't take long before you get back into doing such wonderful drawings again. You've inspired me to scan in a drawing I did in my teens, the only one I kept hold of, hehe.

Trizzy said...

WOW Annette - these are amazing! You should be very proud of your earlier drawings and hopefully you will be able to share with us what you are doing now - my daughter is doing art and is in year 12 she was blown away by your drawings!

Thanks for sharing - Trizzy

kelsey said...

I agree with the others Annette, there's nothing shabby about these images at all, especially if these were your "beginner" pictures! They are wonderful and you should be proud of them.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Annette your work is outstanding, is there no end to your amazing talents.Your one very talented Humpty doowin

Barb said...

Annette, you are one truly talented lady and it is wonderful to see where you have come from, thank you for sharing your creative beginnings....much power to your arm.


Hi everyone
thanks so much for all the encouragement and kind words about my drawings from over 20yrs all inspire me to no end so sharing with you all is easy.

BurningRubber said...

OMG! You are so tallented! Seriously! You are way to hard on yourself. There is a lot to be said for winging it!

Zeborah Loray said...

Wow. amazing.
So glad to know you are getting back to drawing.
Your early sketches are waaay better than my work at that age.

Audrey Huffman said...

I sure wish I had as much talent in my whole hand as you have put into your drawings. They are gorgeous and I hope to see more and more sketches from you to share with us. Thanks a lot for letting us have a peek at your early years. Love, Audrey

Brenda said...

Hey, you've been tagged. Sure hope you can play along - details on my blog.

Rosie the wildwoman said...

All Creativity is a Gift to be enjoyed and played with like a child with childlike delight willing to share, show and gleefully say....."isnt this wonderful......I did it and I love it" I just want you to know that your work speaks to the viewer and that is a blessing.....Well done.....Rosie the wildwoman

Rosie the wildwoman said...

Creativity is a gift we all go forth with child-like abandon is bravery at its very best yet everything we create is wonderful and touches someone, somewhere. Your work whenever it was done speaks to someone....what more can we ask for???? Thanks Rosie the wildwoman


OH my
thanks to all of you.I shall try to not be so hard on myself in the future :o)I'm glad I kept these and my others :o)


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