Friday, November 14, 2008

Drawings Made into Simple Cards

I'm off to stampcamp in the morning and had two family birthdays to make cards for today before I left.As I had already put most of my supplies in the car I decided to turn some of my recent drawings into cards.They are plain and simple yet I felt really odd sending folks my own art work LOL.This lady is called whimsy and I made her for my niece Caitlyn who is turning 16.She has shimmery twinkling H2O's on her wings

and this one you saw before but is a boat I drew using the number 4 as the base.It is for my brother in law Steve
I'm taking my sketch book with me to camp so who knows what I'll draw next :o)
Be back on Monday folks


Pauline said...

Annette, those are gorgeous!
You should definitely keep doing this!

Brenda said...

Have an awesome time at stamp camp. Hope you can share some of what you did when you come back, hint hint. Your cards look great, I would be happy to receive one!

kelsey said...

Personally I feel it would be charming to receive a handdrawn and painted card...something to keep instead of the usual bin fodder that cards generally are!

Maybe after a few glasses of wine you could convince the girls at stamp camp that you'd like to do some "life" drawing!!! lol

Debbi Baker said...

They're gorgeous Annette - love the whimsical style! Stamp camp - lucky you!!

Night Owl Designs said...

Annette you're a wonderful drawer, wish I was half as good! Love how you've made them into cards, they look amazing!

Jen Crossley said...

Hope you had a fun time at stamp camp.I love your cards I would love to receive your cards there is something very special about someone taking the time to create something so personal


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