Thursday, November 6, 2008

Collaborative book swap part one

My on line drawing class has almost finished and I have had some time today to take photos of the pages done by other folks in the Arty-Oz 2008 Collaborative book swap.As there were 32 of us I think I shall upload the piccies in two separate posts.They wont be in any particular order except I'll show you the front cover first which was done by our hostess Teresa Abajo with some help of some other friends.The theme for the book was "Woman"

Ruth Spitzer did the textural green and blue one at the top and Debra Murray the dream alcohol ink page below it.

Julian Buttonshaw did this glowing digital collage sheer heaven transfer onto acrylic paint and crackle paste bg at top and Venessa Henry the sisters of the moon page below it complete with a hand made broom stick LOL

Rhonda Clayton made the touchy feely purple gold page at top and Joyce Hewton the textured one below it

Liz Aitkin made the Cuttlebug red and black "suburban queen" page at top and Margaret Byrne the Cuttlebug diamond embossed silver,black and red Marilyn page below it

Jen Crossley did the vintage lady,collage clock and black tree image page at top and Gail Smith the blue and gold vintage lady page below that trim Gail has used!!!

Elaine Hannam made the corseted Femme page at top and Greta Young the pretty tan and pink vintage lady with key at the bottom

Christina made "window to a woman's soul" page at the top and Genevieve Payne the "girls just want to have fun" page at the bottom

TThat is about half the pages and I will try to get the other half up tomorrow.Everyone has done awesome pages and there are many with yummy textures and colours that the camera just doesn't pick up well.I think it has been the best and most rewarding swap I have so far done and I am glad to be apart of it with these other arty inspiring folks :o)


kelsey said...

This looks absolutely amazing Annette! One helluva book by what I've seen so far and I think you are right to be thrilled with it...can't wait to see the other pages!


Oh yes Kelsey...truely gorgeous art done by everyone in there.Wish I was closer to show you.I'll try to remember to bring it to Melbourne in March for the retreat so you can see it there

Lorri said...

Oh Yes, isn't it just fabulous!!
I love it too - one of the best swaps so far. What gorgeous covering too.


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