Sunday, March 15, 2009

Drawing Faces Lesson One My Attempts

It took me 6 days to finish my 50 little house and get them sent on time.My second eldest daughter Melissa got "employed" on day five to help cut and stick down the words.Then I forgot to take a photo of them all before they left.I'll definitely take a photo of the returns though when they come.I'm sure it will make for a funky colourful village.Doing the houses meant I couldn't get to my on line class with Paulette Insall till last Wednesday though.
The other class members are on lesson two already.The first lesson was all about drawing faces.I used to be able to do them OK 20 plus years ago and some of those old drawings are in a post here .I've never had lessons to draw but used to draw alot when I was younger and just got better with practice.I stopped drawing when I got married and have just started to want to draw again recently.So late last year I did a basic how to draw class with Jessica Wesolek.It opened the door for me to again start drawing even though my initial steps in that class were very simple.Those attempts are here .
A friend then told me about Paulette's classes which teach you how to draw and paint faces.Now I'm learning how to draw them properly for the first time and that first lesson taught me so much.Here is the first sketch I did.Paulette suggests trying to draw faces straight on but I loved how this ladies side profile(from a magazine)looked and tried with her first.I traced the face on tracing paper first on this one.

Next I did a freehand lady sketch

This one is a freehand sketch of a young lady.I liked how her hair fell at the side.I've just fixed her eyebrows after I loaded her here as I had not realized they were lopsided till I put them on my blog LOL

The last one I did last evening and its also done freehand.Its from a magazine image and I was in awe at how symmetrical this ladies features were.I shaded areas as her true features are so fine and chiseled.

I'm off to do lesson two now which is making a background on canvas.After that we get taught how to put a portrait on the prepared canvas and paint it YICKS.Lesson three is posted on Tuesday(my time)so hopefully I will be caught up with the other class members by then :o)


Brenda said...

Your face sketches are wonderful - the reason Paulette suggests front on is because profiles and the like are much harder to do - you have done a fantastic job.


Thanks Brenda
will be blurfing to your blog later in the day :o).Yes I knew why but funny thing was in the past I found side on easier then straight on...I'm a bit backward I think as I draw toward myself not away like most people do.Just waiting for the gesso to dry on the canvas.

Mari said...

You're so brave Annette! I don't know if I could ever go back and try to polish some of my older skills - let alone post them! I think you're doing a great job! At least, I couldn't draw that well.
Also, I've tagged you for the 4th picture thing. On this post:
Hope you join in!

Queen Of Toys said...

Annette you have done a brilliant job on the faces I love them all. To try something like this is so daunting. Keep up the good work.

Hugs Eliza


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