Sunday, March 29, 2009

Overcoming The Fear...aka lesson three

We all have fears.I struck mine last week when I tried to catch up with my classes for Paulette Insall's on line drawing and painting faces class.I've always been scared to try and paint properly.I had told myself I couldn't do it so many times and well for ever.I believed I would never be and was not ever going to be a painter.So I got to lesson three which was putting my faces on canvas and adding skin tones with PAINT.Okies I can do that I thought....but straight away I went "but I can't paint!!!".I mixed my skin tones with some problems due to the heat here drying the Golden acrylics as I mixed.So I found a blog that had a tut for making a wet palette to keep the paints moist and over came that.I finally got my skin tones mixed and well then I did nothing...
For the next week every day I loaded my brush with paint and hovered above the canvas unable to actually make that first stroke.I was too scared to actually try.What if it looked bad,what if my natural shake ruined my efforts,what if I etc etc .......then last evening we did some herp spotting(looking for reptiles along the roads in the rural area by torch light).I started to think of all the people who are scared of reptiles yet living with a herpetologist(Reptile enthusiast hubby Grant)and having them all thru my house I was not.I loved how they moved, their colour schemes and how they looked rough yet felt so smooth and soft to the touch.....and today my brush no longer hovered....and I painted.I mean how could paint be scary when I can see so much beauty in something that scares so many others.We wont talk about spiders though OK
So here is my first lady with her skin on...she looks a bit Alien without her lips,eyes and hair but that is lesson four...onward I go and another fear has vanished

For those of you afraid of snakes I have put the reptiles we saw last night up for you.Look at the shapes and colours not the "snake" you fear.This first one is a Northern Death Adder.Look beyond him to his that luminous yellow in his bands.

This is a delicate pretty Ariel hovering Banded Tree Snake.He is calm and an expert climber.See how he holds his banded curves erect in mid air...amazing

I HATE photos of me(another fear there folks)but I'll overcome that briefly to show you a File Snake I'm holding.They live in the creeks feeding on fish etc.He feels like a file but is soft and warm at the same time.He isn't scary and doesn't bite.

So there you go I overcome my fear.I painted that scary ole face and I hope I paint more...what about you :o)


Talking Horses Arts said...

Well Annette, great job there!
Your painting is really awesome you won!!!!
I am not afraid of snakes, but spiders get me all the
Some pretty awesome pictures here, thanks so much for sharing!

kelsey said...

Face painting can be scarey I agree Annette! DJ was a fantastic teacher and put our minds at rest, I'm sure you'll find the same thing as you go along.

Snakes don't frighten me, I owned a "Children's Python" when I was 15 and my tattoo is of a away BIG secrets here!!! lol

drmarty62 said...

Well done Annette. Your face looks great and you CAN paint.

Brenda said...

Your shading turned out awesome! Can't wait to see her completed - then you'll never be afraid to paint another face again.

Joanne said...

I am in the wrong department - fear is what you are holding girl, not what you paint LOL!


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