Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Eyes And Lips...Lesson Four

Lesson four is all about painting the eyes and the lips.We weren't meant to put much detail on the lips but I had to wait several hours for lesson five to download so did a bit of shading with acrylics on them while I waited.It's surprising watching this lady evolve in front of me.I seem to zone out as I work and build up so many layers before I step back and look at what I'm doing....then I get a surprise when I step back.I took three photos of the lady getting a little closer each time.Here she is furthest away

and a little closer

and closer still

Tonight I shall look at lesson five and that means I'm caught up with everyone else in the class now yeha!!


Brenda said...

Looking good - don't the eyes painted bring her to life.

Artseyanne said...

Hey Annette, you are doing a fantastic job with the face, love it. Keep up the good work.

Ro Bruhn said...

So glad to find your blog Annette. Ann mentioned she'd been in contact with you, thank you for your concerns re the fires, they came close but we were very lucky.
I love your face painting and the backgrounds in your earlier post are fabulous.

drmarty62 said...

Hi Annette
I have given you a blog award. Come visit my site to see


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