Wednesday, April 16, 2014

All Ok Here!

Hi all
Thanks everyone whom sent well wishes thru here it was greatly appreciated. We are all fine after cyclone Ita....we lost power for 2 days which of course meant we lost the home phone and wifi. A power surge killed the satellite TV decoder so no TV here for a few weeks but that's OK. Thankful indeed that we bought a generator when we moved over plus that we had a gas stove so we could power the house and boil water for a bath (the generator didn't power the hot water service as its on a separate fuse to mains to house). We had several trees down on the block as most is a regenerated rain forest. There was a largish one blocking the drive way which my son Tim cut up and moved and one landed on the roof but didn't do any was long and skinny...hhhmmm unlike me LOL.
There was allot of local flooding but its all settled down now and I have been able to go to town and buy food etc. No body got killed which is awesome though some families in Cooktown lost roofs and three local families lost everything due to flooded houses which was sad and I feel for them indeed. All in all we are unscathed and grateful for that so thanks again everyone. I wont be playing in WOYWW today as I am still catching up on washing and clearing fallen branches etc  plus I didn't get any art done since last week but I shall pop in and join WOYWW next week. Oh in case you were wondering hubby was away at work during the storm...of course!
Here are a few photos..The first is my son Tim at Wonga Beach as Cyclone Ita approached. The usually blue sea was choppy and brown and it was quite windy.

Here is the tree that fell on the house

and the one that blocked the driveway

We seem to have a native soap tree as this was at  the base of a tree as I walked down the drive!

Flooded Bushy creek near home...someone obviously tried to cross it while it was higher then this as there is a 4WD up against a tree where it got washed off the road mid left in the photo. Tim could walk all the way up to it and said water was thru the entire car.

I did take more photos and some short videos but they are taking ages to upload from my phone. I'll add them later if they ever come thru!

hugs and stay safe where ever you are in our amazing World

Annette In Oz xxx


Lucy said...

I am so pleased that you are OK, after the cyclone & also happy that your home is still standing!
Keep safe, Hugs Lucy

VonnyK said...

Hi Annette, I'm not playing WOYWW either this week but stopped by to check if you were okay. Great to see you were virtually unscathed, bummer about the power and tv. We have a generator that hooks into our switchboard and powers half our house but we don't know how to use it properly. Thankfully we haven't needed it yet.
Take care.

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annette, glad to read you're all safe and no damage,lucky you had the gennie. We just got the tailed of Ita here in Yeppoon, and a fair bit of rain. Take care RobynO#43 WOYWW

ike said...

So glad to hear that you are OK and with little damage. :-) Thank goodness for a generator and gas cooking eh ?!! I get sooooo many power cuts here on my Greek island, that I got myself a gas hob. At least I can boil water for coffee :-D
Thanks for letting us know you're all OK :-)

IKE in Greece xx

Angela Radford said...

I realise you have not done WOYWW today but just wanted to pop over and check you were all okay. The weather must be very scary.
Stay safe, Angela x


Thanks ladies...yes all good here and Im not too bothered to not have TV. I think I'll get last of washing done today and hope to get some art done this evening. xxxxxx

Catherine Witherell said...

Wow! That is some serious weather Annette! In other news, it's nice to find your blog!

Now we know where each of us lives on the web! Thanks for commenting on my post about earrings.

I'm glad you and your family are ok.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

can see it was fun.. did pop back before you posted last week then lost track.. but was good to see family etc.. great to see you were ok.. Shaz in oz.x


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