Friday, April 11, 2014

Tropical cyclone Ita Update

Over the course of the day BOM has been updating hourly in regards to Tropical cyclone Ita and I am relieved to say that they now think she will only be a category 1 system as she gets to me here in Julatten. Cooktown however is expected to get the brunt of it though as its almost upon them as a Category4 system and I am scared for all the people and critters up that way....send good thoughts to them all people please. Also of great concern is expected tidal surge of up to 2 meters for all low lying coastal areas!

Here its started raining allot and we have had intermittent gusty winds...a tree has already fallen near the house near by bedroom but luckily wasn't too big to do any damage. Here is the 5pm updated image from BOM

Tim and I went down the mountain range after lunch to have a look at the ocean. The sea was brown and's usually blue and quite was quite windy down there then and no doubt worse by now. Thanks to Shaz, Ike and others whom have sent well wishes. I'm confident we will be fine...well so far...I'll let you all know how this pans out.
Annette In Oz xxx

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Granmargaret said...

Hope you are all okay.


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