Friday, April 4, 2014

Steampunk Puffy Heart Necklace, Pocket Watch Poppet Necklaces and a Commissioned Cuff

The mosquitoes are still a problem here but I really wanted to make more jewellery so I lit mozzie coils and kept the garage doors closed to get some work done. The mozzie coil smoke smell gets in my clothes and the lighting isn't that good with the doors closed but I did get some items made! I finished another steampunk puffy it is with photo taken inside using the flash.

And next photo was taken outside with no flash.

The back is etched copper left overs that have been soldered and cold connected back together a mended broken heart that has been fixed again. The propeller, cog under the propeller and the arrow on the bottom dangle can all be moved.

I also had wanted to re-create "The Time Keeper" necklace that I had made awhile ago and I made two of those...these I have called pocket watch poppets as I think there maybe more to come....One is silver toned and the other vintage brass toned in colour. They both have watch parts, cogs, vintage child image, tiny keys etc and lots of ice resin.

The propellers on the silver toned one can be moved

I drilled thru a little light bulb to use it as a little dangle on the vintage brass toned one.

Lastly a friend asked me to make a special cuff for her sister using an image of them as kids...such a great idea! Jen's sister loved it and cried when Jen gave it to her!

This evening I shall be working on my first ever landscape painting. I started it in class last Saturday...such an interesting and eye opening process this is and will continue to be. I may show you all where I am at tomorrow...maybe LOL...if its too hard class is this Saturday again. My teacher keeps telling me to relax as you can always paint over mistakes on acrylics but committing that paint to the surface with my shaky hands scares me none the less. I have to ignore the critic within and just remind myself I'm just a beginner at painting.
Annette In Oz


Winnie said...

I am so glad to see you creating again! I can imagine your friend's sisters reaction to that lovely necklace, and that is so personal and precious and will be a keepsake! The necklace is awesome too! Enjoy your class. I am smiling as I am trying to learn calligraphy, and I see my shaky letters and know they will get better but it will be awhile and gosh, I want to move to "words" but am not ready. But I am enjoying it and tell myself it is for me, so enjoy the quiet time. Enjoy the weekend!

Lucy said...

I was going to post one word, FABULOUS, then I kept looking at every pic, & now I have more words to say, ABSOLUTELY MARVELOUSLY BREATHTAKING!!!!!
Hugs Lucy

Sue Marrazzo said...

LOVE the Cuffs!
'Congrats...WELL Done = )


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