Saturday, April 5, 2014

Drawing and painting classes-so far

My introduction to drawing and painting classes are going well. I'm trying hard to not be critical of my results and just enjoy the whole process. Two week ends ago we drew our own hands and then we had to draw a skull using a real skull as the reference.

My skulls still need some shading done but we only had three weeks of lessons left so we were all keen to start the painting part of class which we did do last Saturday. Two of the students used to paint and were quick to pick up their past abilities. Me I found it all interesting and a great learning curve indeed. I chose a landscape photo of some boabs to paint and we are using acrylics to paint with. This is my reference photo....

At end of class I had blocked in the background colours and during the week I have added some highlights on top and started to sketch in the boabs.

I'm not sure this will end well LOL but today in class I'll paint in the boabs...well at least block their colour in I hope. For a first time painter I don't think I am doing too bad though my ability to mix and paint colours exactly like the original needs allot of practice!
Annette In Oz

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