Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Boab Sunset Painting

Morning all. Well I have almost finished my first ever acrylic landscape painting. I really had no great expectations this would turn out OK and now I am near the end I am astounded that it does indeed look fairly OK...even to the point I would frame and hang it on my wall. I've had 2 three hour lessons in my intro to painting class and only have one more lesson day to go where I'll do any final highlights and adjustments needed. After that when I have some spare money I'll join in a drop in session at the local art gallery/teaching place which is for beginners and advanced people and has a teacher there to help if you need it.

In case any of you missed it I'll show you the progress photos and then where I am up too. Firstly here is the PHOTO I used as a reference

Here was how my painting looked at end of first day of lessons which was a 3 hr class!

During the week that followed (while I was at home) I added some more highlights to the sky, some grass and a hint of water to the background plus sketched in where the Boabs should go

On last Saturdays class I started to block in the boab colours and add branches

Over the last few days at home I have finished adding the branches and have also added some highlights to the trunk and highlights to some branches.

This is how it all looks now

There were so many branches I had to stop looking at the photo and just put them where ever I wanted in the end. I need to tidy up the blending on the truck but its nearly fully done and when I place the original photo near it its darn not bad for a newbie at all I think.

I've really enjoyed learning to do a painting and hope to do more soon.
Annette In Oz


Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

wonderful work there Annette!! fab! Shaz in Oz.x

RosA said...

Fabulous! I love it!

Jenny's said...

Am very impressed with the paintings!!!! Wish I could paint that well....jenny


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