Friday, July 12, 2013

My new website is live!

I have wanted to do this for a long while but lacked the money and the self belief that my jewellery was good enough to do so but here it is at new website to sell my hand made jewellery from!
Please drop on by and let me know if it looks Ok and loads OK.
A HUGE thank you to Jen Crossley who taught me so much and so well in how to make jewellery and etch metal etc.Jen has guided me along my jewellery making journey with love and support. Jen you are amazing and there is NOBODY like you :o).
Another HUGE thanks also need to go to Bevela Ross whom built the site for me and did all the photography. I think she did an amazing job and the4 site is so me...but then I may be a little biased LOL.

I also have a new Facebook page just for the website where I'll share web site new uploads, new tutorials and news from here
Hubby left early this am for another 28 days away. I have some visitors here for the next few days but after that I hope to get some new steam punk puffy hearts made so stay tuned. Thank everyone for your love, envouragement and support :o)
Annette In Oz


Christina said...

Annette the new site looks totally AWESOME!! no problems with loading - looks great!!
Good Luck with your new venture!!

Robin said...

YAY!!!!! Annette your new website is AWESOME!!!!!! It has the best start up page I have ever seen!! Everything worked great! Who did your designing? Oh I have friends here that love steampunk and I am going to email your link to them and post in on my blog tomorrow. Today is sewing day but I just had to visit you when I got your message in my email this morning!!! Good for you! You are going to do great! I am hoping someday to do the same, but I, like you were, am scared and $$ is an issue. Enjoy your company and making new puffy hearts! Bug hugs and congrats to you! Rasz

Unknown said...

very glad you like the site..hope its a big success for you

look forward to seeing the new puffy hearts


Thanks Christina, Rasz and Bevelea and Rasz the website designer is Bevlea who is on comments here below you :o)...she did an amazing job!!!

Glenda said...

Fantastic web Annette. That GF is so clever isn't she. Hope it all goes well for you. xxxx

Anonymous said...

A great website and beautiful jewelry! Well done...I wish you the best with this new venture. Peace to your heart, Sara

Gaby Bee said...

Your new website looks absolutely fantastic Annette! Hope its a big success for you.

I wish you all the very best.


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