Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Star Card How Too For Tipnique Tuesday

Wow time is flying by and Tuesday is here again. Time to share a Tuesday Tip or Technique and this week it's a star card. These are very easy to do and as usual my sample is simple too. I'm starting to think about Christmas cards so mine ended up as a Christmas card in July :o). The star opens to an inner area and you can write a message on the back or where my Christmas tree is.

                                 WHAT YOU NEED

  • 30cm square piece of paper. If you use a regular sheet of 12x12 inch scrap paper you will need to trim it or leave it as is and work in inches instead. You can make these smaller or larger if you want.
  • Ruler, pencil, rubber, bone folder and craft mat.
  • Stamps and images or embellishments of your choice.
                                HOW TOO
1) Use ruler and pencil (I'll use a black marker so you can see what I am doing) and mark a dot at the half way point on the edge at top. (So at 15cms  if using 30cm square or 6 inches if using 12 inch square). Move ruler down a bit and make another dot at the half way point again. Then draw a soft line between the two dots

2) Measure from each corner at bottom and mark a line from here to the line you made at the 30cm point where it crosses the line and use ruler and craft knife and cut out the triangle. (This will make a triangle with 30cms on each side if you used the 30cm square or 12inches on each side if you used the 12 inch square). If you are using paper that is coloured on one side have the coloured side down when you start doing the next step.

3) Mark a dot at the half way point on all sides with a ruler and pencil and raw a soft line. Use bone folder and ruler and score along all marked lines.

4) Now mark a dot with pencil that is 1/6th the length of a side measurement either side the points at the central edge of each side. Draw a soft line between these dots. My sides are 30cm so one sixth of this is 5cm and I marked a dot to the left and right at 5cms from the half way points as per diagram below. If you used 12 inches it would be 2 inches from each marked half way point. Use bone folder and ruler and score along these lines. RUB out all pencil dots and lines.

5) TURN the triangle over and fold the first fold in and run bone folder along the folded edge. Repeat on all three sides.

6) TURN paper over and fold the second fold in and run bone folder along the folded edge. Repeat on all three sides. Turn paper over.

7) Start folding in the sides. When you get to the last side put one edge under an already folded side as per second picture below and now you have a star card ready to decorate..

There are many Youtube videos on how to do this so I wont make my own. Here is one of those videos by Bella Mio if you prefer to watch someone doing a technique.

Specialist appointment today at last and hopefully he can give me something to reduce the never ending pain in my right side joints...I'm cursing that my right side is my dominant side at the moment that is for sure!
Annette In Oz


ike said...

How cool - lovely card and brilliant idea. Thank you very much for the TuT :-D

IKE xx

Sandie C said...

Thanks again for a great tutorial

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful desk, so much going on there! And thanks for the great tutorial too.


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