Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Folded Heart How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

As I'm having some joint pain issues I've been leaning toward past tips or techniques that don't require too much effort of my right shoulder as it is with this weeks technique which is how to make a folded heart. Even though it's easy to do and takes less then a few minutes to make the folded heart looks beautiful in the end. I've used these hearts on Valentine's day cards, Mother's Day cards and birthday cards for my hubby.

                                                WHAT YOU NEED
  • Light weight paper such as 80gm stock where the length is twice as long as the height at the side. Mine was 10cm high by 20cm long. It's the same whether you use inches or centimeters.
  • Ruler, bone folder, awl or pointed object, pencil, glue or double sided tape and a craft mat.
                                                 HOW TOO
1) If you are using paper that is coloured on one side only place the paper so coloured side is down or underneath when you start folding.  Have the paper in the landscape position and measure and mark a light dot at the half way point at the top and bottom. This was at 10cms for my paper.

2) Fold the top left point down to meet the middle marked dot at bottom and then the top right down the same way to make a triangle. Run the bone folder along the folded edges

 3) Open it out again and TURN IT AROUND (not over) and repeat the last step.

4) Unfold and TURN IT OVER and then fold each side into the centre and run bone folder along the folded edges.

5) Unfold and TURN IT OVER AGAIN. Gently fold it in from each side to make a diamond shape. Run bone folder along all folded edges.

6) Fold each point to the side. Press all folded edges with the bone folder again

This is how it should look now

7) Now open and squash fold each point to make a square shape in the middle. I used an awl to assist opening mine.

Run the bone folder over all folded edges.

8) Fold each side of the squares to make a kite shape with the base of the kite pointing at the centre

9) Use the awl to open each of the kite 8 folds and fold squash the top part flat. Run bone folder along all new folds.

10) Have the paper in a diamond shape like above and TURN IT OVER. Bring the top section down as per below and fold the left and right sides in a little. Run bone folder along all new folds. Apply glue or tape under each and adhere them all down. Turn it to the front and you have a folded heart ready to be used on a card.

I have done a video as well for those that like to watch instructions instead. I'm sorry the paper I used sounds so noisy in the video :o)

Annette In Oz


Sandie C said...

Another great tutorial. Thanks heaps for sharing.

Glenda said...

Great Annette, thanks for sharing even in your pain. xxxhugsxxx

Unknown said...

A great tutorial and a great focal point for any project. Thanks for sharing.

ike said...

Very cool and a stunning card. Thank you for the TuT :-)

IKE xx


Your welcome folks....my old tips and techniques book is huge so there are still lots more to come :)


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