Saturday, July 27, 2013

Steampunk puffy heart necklace-The Aviators Apprentice

Here are some better shots of my steampunk puffy heart necklace. I've called the one "The Aviators Apprentice". The cogs do move. Little tiny LED's (no they don't come on but I have ideas to make them do that one day). It has a faux old watch key is soldered in place at the top and a tiny brass key hole filled with ice resin and tiny watch cogs. At the bottom hangs a Swarovski crystal, a word washer and an old tin type photo of a man.

There are a couple of necklaces to share soon too. Then I'll pop them in my shop :)
Annette In Oz xxx


Linda said...

This is amazing, so many lovely details.

Squiddy said...

Another lovely puffy heart, still enjoying mine though!

Glenda said...

beautiful Annette

Winnie said...

So awesome and pretty! So many details on the piece!


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