Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jacob's Ladder Card / Tipnique Tuesday

Tipnique Tuesday is here again and this week I have an interactive card for you that I learnt sitting on a train with other paper arts ladies many years ago. Again it was one my children loved :o). I have a house full of visitors so I do apologize as I can't get in my art room to actually decorate the sample but this is a fun card based on the Jacob's Ladder where parts bend over other parts to reveal different areas.


  •  Two pieces of card stock.of choice. I have used red (25cmx14cm) and white (15x14cm) for contrast so you can see easily what I am doing.
  • Ruler, pencil, rubber, bone folder, craft knife and craft mat
  • Stamps of choice
                            HOW TOO
1) On white card stock have the 15cm sides at top and bottom. Measure and mark across top and bottom at 5cm intervals. Draw a soft line with a pencil. I have used a black marker so you can see what I am doing.

2) Use the ruler and craft knife and cut along the marked lines

3) On each panel trim a further few mm off one long edge

4) Place red card in landscape position. Measure and mark a dot along the top and bottom edges at 5cm intervals. Use bone folder and run it down from each dot at top and bottom. Rub out dots.

5) Concertina fold the red card and use the bone folder to press each fold.

6) Flatten the red card out again. On first line and on last measure and mark a dot at the half way mark. In this case its at 7cm and then half way between this above and below that mark (3.5cm and 10.5cm from the top line). Use the craft knife and cut three lines from the first line at left to the last line at right at the marked dots (3.5cm, 7cm and 10.5cms).

7) Start to weave the white panels you made thru the cut lines under and over as shown till all three panels are in place.

Decorate the card. on all parts showing in the woven areas. Use stamps etc or images that fit in each red or white area and that don't overlap. Decorate front and back! As I said I can't get in my art room to decorate mine so use your imagination :o). Now fold the card up and something like magic happens...the bent areas start to pop open...look at the left hand side below...

This effect happens at the front and the back. Different areas fold out at different times. Hidden ares get revealed and hidden again!!

You don't have to use three panels you can use two like below.

Have fun! If your panels are larger make the "red" card 5 times that length (for three panel cards and 4 times the length for two panel cards)
Annette In Oz

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My Thipnike Thursday is a puffily heartfelt thanks for your now my puffy heart having arrived here safely.


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